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In the URSS publishing house (Moscow) has just published a book




In the URSS publishing house (Moscow) has just published a book
B. M. Vladimirsky
"Solar activity and public life: Space historiometry: from the first Russian cosmists to the present day"


The first in the world literature monograph devoted to the problems of influence of space weather – climate on social processes. Two introductory chapters present a basic introduction to the physical environment and space physics with a detailed consideration of the concept of space weather. Following is a detailed statement of the nature and origin of cosmic rhythm. The main periods stabilizovany and can be used as a mini-Handbook. The third Chapter is devoted to a brief consideration of the issue of "Space and biosphere", where the topics concerning the impact of space weather on the psyche and embryogenesis, which are short reviews of magazines. Then (GL. 4) the history of formation of the problem "cosmos-society". The main attention here is paid to the brochure by A. L. Chizhevsky "Physical factors of historical process". To learn more about the full confirmation of his main results. Subsequent chapters are reviews of publications on the theme of "space-society" over the last two decades. Consistently covers the following issues: space and climate of "axial time", the impact of the Big Minima and Maxima of solar activity on the socio-cultural dynamics; cosmic rhythms in various social indicators; space climate "Long Kondratiev waves"; the 11-year solar cycle and shorter cosmophysical periods in sotsiokulturnyh indicators; the outcome of the theoretical discussion. The text is written in academic style and thus to be available to historians and representatives of other areas of the Humanities. Bibliographic references are given by page (over 200 titles). Work is backed up by 59 illustrations...
Compiled Glossary of key terms. Provides a name index.