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О конференции


We inform you that preparations are continuing for

the XII International Crimean Conference

“Cosmos and the Biosphere”

to be held on October 2-6, 2017

in the city of Alushta, Crimea


The conference is devoted to the 100th anniversary

of V.I. Vernadsky Crimean Federal University;

120th anniversary of Alexander Chizhevsky;

100th anniversary of Valeria Troitsky


The main topics of the conference are

  • space weather and biological processes;
  • space weather: medical aspects;
  • space weather and physical and chemical systems (impact on the technosphere, water physics);
  • social processes and space weather (climate);
  • cosmophysics and physical ecology;
  • the biological effect of microdoses of various physical factors, including the effect of weak electromagnetic fields and electromagnetic shielding;
  • problems of ground monitoring of cosmic-nature physical factors;
  • biological effect of microdoses of various physical and chemical factors.

Plenary, sectional and poster sessions are to be held.

Abstracts of papers will be published by the beginning of the conference in a compilation indexed by RISC (Russian Index of Science Citation).

The abstracts of the conference reports are accepted up to August 31, 2017 at

The participants of the conference will have a diverse and exciting excursion program in the Crimea: excursions to the Crimean palaces, a visit to the Massandra plant with tasting the legendary drinks, sea and mountain trips.

Participation in the conference can be in-person or correspondence-mode.


The registration fee for full-time participation is 2000 rubles.

The organizational fee covers

  • printing of abstracts in the collection of abstracts of conference reports;
  • the conference materials (the conference program, abstracts of conference reports, the participant’s certificate);
  • the participant’s package (pen, notepad, badge);
  • attendance of all scientific events of the conference;
  • coffee breaks.

Correspondence participation (the electronic version of the collection, the participant’s certificate) takes 500 rubles for posting one publication.

You have an option to order an additional printed collection of the conference materials for 700 rubles.

Lodging: the sanatorium «Golden Resort», 9 Krasnoarmeyskaya St, Alushta, Republic of Crimea 298510

For detailed information, please visit


With best wishes,
the Organizing Committee.